Tempered Glass Mirror

Tempered Glass Mirror

Aluminum Mirror is produced through Horizontal aluminum mirror production line, which is the most international advanced production equipment for coating aluminum mirror 。 High quality aluminum mirror sheet is usually coated by two layers paints. Our tinted aluminum mirror, as well as colored...
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                                              tempered glass mirror

 Aluminum Mirror and sliver mirror is produced through vacuum coating, let the melt aluminum splash on the clean float glass surface in the vacuum chamber, and then coated with water-proof environmental back paint (No lead in the paint).


1.5mm 1.8mm 2mm 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm




2140*3300mm or as your request



Our aluminium mirror is produced through Horizontal production line,which is the most advanced production equipment for coating aluminium mirror,the mirror surface is clear and bright,giving distinct and lifelike image,the plating layer is rigid and bond.



1.made of waveless glass

2.exact image,high reflectivity,reflection ratio is about 90%

3.mirrors suit all atmospheric conditions.

4.the plating layer is rigid and bond with erosion-resistance



1.Wooden case package is worthy for sea and land carriage

2.The iron belts for consolidation


Edege processing Polished edge,round edge,beveled edge