6.38mm-12.38mm Clear Laminated Glass / PVB Layered Glass

6.38mm-12.38mm Clear Laminated Glass / PVB Layered Glass

Tempered glass is also called toughened glass. it will not break into shards, but small pieces or fragments when it breaks. These fragments won’t hurt people easily. Glass substrate: quality float glass Thickness: 3mm-19mm Colors: clear, bronze, grey, blue, green, etc Size: customized Shape:...
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1 Product thickness4.38mm-38.38mm
2 Minimum size300mmx300mm
3 Maximum size3000mmx13000mm
4Standard Sizes2134x3300mm/3660mm
5Special size2760/2800x3660mm
6Product CertificationChina  National compulsory 3C certification
Australia AS/NZS 2208 certification
U.K. BS6206 certification
U.S. ANSI Z97.1 certification
SGCC certification
Japan JIS certification
7Glass Test EquipmentLaser
8Quality Test EquipmentGermany Machine
9Light transmittance Test EquipmentLamada 950 (USA)
10PVB supplierSaflex , DuPont , SEKISUI ,Kuraray, TROSIFOL  ,Decent

What's Laminated Glass?
Laminated glass is a kind of high-grade safety glass formed after adhesive materials [PVB (Polyvinyl Butyral) or EVA (EVA (Vinyl Ester Polymer) interlayer etc) and SGP film are put between two or more than two pieces of glass to stick together under high temperature and pressure.
Laminated glass is commonly used as a safety glass when security and injury are of concern. The glass is prevented from shattering as it remains stuck to the interlayer creating a 'spider web' effect. Laminated glass looks like a single glass pane and is virtually indistinguishable from ordinary glass.
Characteristics & Advantages:
1. Safety: Broken glass fragments firmly bonded to the PVB interlayer, minimizing the risk of injuries.
2. Security: High resistance against penetration from objects. 
3. Energy-saving : PVB interlayer impedes the transmission of solar heat and reduces cooling loads.
4. Aesthetic Sense to Buildings: Laminated glass with a tinted interlayer will beautify the buildings and harmonize their appearances with surrounding views which meet the demand of architects.
5. UV control: screen out almost 99% of damaging rays. 
6. Sound reduction: With a higher sound reduction index than monolithic glass of equal thickness, an excellent barrier to noise.
7. Variety: Available in various thicknesses, customized in accordance with the requirements of clients.

Curtain wall
shower door
top lightin
balcony fencing
swimming pool fencing
construction glass