Unit Price of 8.38mm Laminated Glass

Unit Price of 8.38mm Laminated Glass

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Product NamePVB Laminated Glass
TypesClear/color laminate glass, coating laminated glass, tempered/semi-tempered laminated glass, bulletproof glass,  or aquarium glass etc.
Float Glass Thickness3-19mm
Laminated Glass Thickness6.38-40mm
PVB film
ColorClear, milky white,porcelain, grey,  blue, green, red, yellow,etc.
Min. Size250mm*350mm
Max. Size2440mm*3600mm
NoteSize for laminated glass can be at customer request.

Package for PVB laminated glass
  1. Interlayer paper or plastic film between two sheets.

  2. Seaworthy wooden crates

  3. Iron belt for consolidation.

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