19mm Curved Tempered Glass

19mm Curved Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is also called toughened glass. it will not break into shards, but small pieces or fragments when it breaks. These fragments won’t hurt people easily. Glass substrate: quality float glass Thickness: 3mm-19mm Colors: clear, bronze, grey, blue, green, etc Size: customized Shape:...
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                          19mm tempered glass      

Hot curved glass is made of float glass which is firstly heated to soften point on metal mould and then curved to shape by weight of glass itself and outside force, and finally cooled down. Curved tempered glass, however, is made by fast cooling down by special facility. 

Hot curved glass: Safety, mechanical attack resistance performance and thermal stability, anti-wind pressure ability and deflection performance. 
Curved tempered glass: Good accuracy in arc, less light aberration. 

Curved glass: It's used in curtain wall with curved structure, skylight, sightseeing elevator, Hyperboloid and taper shape buildings. 
Tempered curved glass: Curtain wall with curved structure, skylight, sightseeing elevator, indoor glass partition with curve structure, glass enclose etc. 

Curved glass: 
Thickness of glass: 3mm-25mm
Max size: 2800*6400 Min size: 50*50mm 
Radius: 200mm-2800mm Max Arch Height: 1200mm
Tempered curved glass: 
. Curved Tempered Glass: 5-19mm (the first line) 
. Max Size: 2800*2650 Min Size: 600*200 
Radius: 5-8mm R>=1300 
10-12mm R>=1300 
15-19mm R>=1300 
. Curved Tempered Glass: 5-19mm (the second line) 
. Max Size: 2400*4000 Min Size: 600*400 
Radius: 5-8mm R>=1100 
10-12mm R>=1100 
15-19mm R>=1300 
Any shape according to customers' requirement is available, for example S form, U form, right-angle and spherical surface

Hot curved glass: In accordance with Standard Q/SNY-1999 Hot Curved Glass
Curved Tempered Glass: In accordance with Standard Q/SNY-1999 Curved Tempered Glass

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