China Suppliers Clear Glass Sliding Shower Door

China Suppliers Clear Glass Sliding Shower Door

Tempered glass is also called toughened glass. it will not break into shards, but small pieces or fragments when it breaks. These fragments won’t hurt people easily. Glass substrate: quality float glass Thickness: 3mm-19mm Colors: clear, bronze, grey, blue, green, etc Size: customized Shape:...

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                        China suppliers clear glass sliding shower door


Brief introduction of tempered glass shower door
Tempered Glass uses the thermal process to enhance the basic strength of float glass. It is float glass (annealed glass) heated to near its softening point and then rapidly quenched by directing jets of cold air onto its surface. As the surfaces cool quicker than the core, the surfaces are placed in compression. This tempering process produces highly desirable conditions of induced stress, which results in additional strength, resistance to thermal stress and impact resistance. This process, however, does not alter the visible light and solar radiant heat properties of the glass. Wind pressure, foreign object impact and thermal stresses on other applied loads must first overcome this compression before there is a possibility of breakage.

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