Customized size ultra clear and clear swimming pool

Customized size ultra clear and clear swimming pool

Tempered glass is also called toughened glass. it will not break into shards, but small pieces or fragments when it breaks. These fragments won’t hurt people easily. Glass substrate: quality float glass Thickness: 3mm-19mm Colors: clear, bronze, grey, blue, green, etc Size: customized Shape:...

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6.76mm clear laminated glass is a Grade A safety glass,manufactured by adhering two or more

pieces of glass together with a flexible interlayer.The interlayer is generally either a PVB (poly

vinyl butyral) or CIP (resin). The glass and interlayer are bonded together using heat and

pressure in an autoclave. Virtually all glass types can be laminated and the thickness and type

of interlayer can be altered to provide solutions for security

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