Tempered Glass Table Top

Tempered Glass Table Top

8mm Tempered Glass Door Shower Room,Bathroom Door Glass Tempered Glass panels Information tempered glass is a type of glass that has increased strength on the surface by the physical or chemical treatment on the ordinary glass and increased the tensile stress inside the glass. So that this kind...
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                                       tempered glass table top


Product Description

Tempered glass coffee table top

Honor Glass provide many different Tempered Glass table top for dining table, coffee table, conference table and so on, various of color and shape to be choose. For the edge can be flat / round / bevel / Ogee and so on.

Tempered glass is to heat glass up to 700 degrees and then rapidly cool down, according to different degrees;


1. Tempered glass is a kind of safe glass and the fragment of which does no harm to people.

2. It's 4-5 times safer and harder than ordinary annealed glass.

3. Special logo and pattern can be printed on tempered glass.

4. Outstanding performance in resisting thermal stress and wind-load.

5. Bear sudden temperature change of 220 centigrade degree


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