Aluminum doors and windows industry, what is the advantages of customization development

- Jul 27, 2017-

In recent years, custom home hot, custom market development prospects. Especially wardrobe. Cabinets and aluminum doors and windows and other customized brands emerge in an endless stream, continue to emerge. Many investors, dealers aimed at this piece of the market, set off a nationwide customization boom.

According to the statistics, some areas of aluminum doors and windows joined the night of the explosion situation, and in the terminal market with sales "rolling" the traditional doors and windows shop, we can see the development trend of custom industry, such as broken development. Why is the charm of custom aluminum doors and windows so great, what is its advantage?

Custom aluminum doors and windows corresponding to the realization of zero inventory

First of all, from the inventory. Full warehouse, burst warehouse in the traditional doors and windows where the store is not a fresh term, the annual exhibition are orders, and windows and doors manufacturers is trying to let the dealer to digest the inventory out. However, each dealer in the local market capacity is limited, with doors and windows products are durable goods, selling speed can not keep up with the speed of storage goods, the dealer will appear burst warehouse situation.

And custom aluminum alloy doors and windows of the dealers, they have not heard of the situation of the explosion warehouse, the factory made a cargo to the local, we must immediately arrange staff installation services, at most in the season to install the arrangements, however, when rented A temporary transit warehouse, the manufacturers sent over the goods for temporary storage, to be installed when the clearance, so the aluminum alloy doors and windows of the dealer is zero inventory.

Custom aluminum doors and windows prices easier for consumers to win the trust

Finally, the price is the problem. The same inventory of the door may be several times the spread, which has a brand, store rental costs, dealer profits, product quality, product technology, activities, and other circumstances, the same product before the price of activities with the price difference after the event Huge, due to competition in the industry and inventory, liquidity pressure, resulting in cheap situation when the situation has occurred.

And custom aluminum alloy doors and windows of the dealer, put aside the differences in material, product spread is difficult to occur high or low times the situation occurred, and even the emergence of big brands and small brands the same price, and as a dealer in terms of different The brand ex-factory price difference may be ignored.

The price level is easy to shake the choice of consumers, affecting the final success rate of the transaction. Often when consumers are difficult to determine the price and value of the time, consumers are more willing to believe that their own, that is, the price of custom aluminum doors and windows.