Choose aluminum alloy doors and windows to see these!

- Jul 27, 2017-

Now doors and windows industry, good and bad doors and windows are not clear, more appear, as long as a brand out of new products, doors and windows of small workshops will soon have "the same" things appear. These products make consumers dazzled, more can not tell which is "genuine" which is "imitation", which is good, which is bad, because from the appearance point of view is not much difference.

Look at profiles

In addition to looking at the surface of the color and style, the cross-section color is also necessary to examine the good aluminum profile sections are silver, its color and texture are very uniform, if the color is not the same or black There may be scrap aluminum and other materials from refining, and this must not choose.

In addition to the above two important items need to examine, but also need to pay attention to the thickness of the profile. GB is 1.2-1.4 thick. Now 1.2 are too thin, and now the brand doors and windows will be the thinnest 1.4 thick. Small workshop products in order to save costs will be lower than this standard. So when the choice of attention to measure.

See logo

Brand aluminum alloy doors and windows produced products will be logo, in addition to the basic name of the manufacturer, trademarks, regular packaging, doors and glass should also be identified.

See hardware accessories

The same time as

Do not underestimate this hardware accessories, such as hinges, hinges, handles these are the most frequently used, and its hardware accessories directly affect the life of doors and windows, so some good brand doors and windows are using large brands of hardware Accessories.

In the choice of doors and windows, you need to find their own, and good quality, so to polish your eyes, more understanding, do not be confused by a low price. We all know the price and quality are proportional.