Doors and windows use glass to see four points

- Jul 27, 2017-

As an important part of the doors and windows of the glass, in the purchase time should also pay attention to the following points, whether it is selected steel doors and windows or broken aluminum doors and windows, glass is the key, many consumers only concerned about the glass specifications.

1, ordinary tempered glass the most secure

If both sides of the glass are selected glass, then both inside and outside the glass has greatly improved the impact resistance and safety of glass. Because the impact resistance of tempered glass is 5 to 10 times the ordinary glass, the bending resistance of ordinary glass is 3 to 5 times, can be described as safe home.

2, sun or sun drying room heat-absorbing coated glass

Chaoyang or Xi sun room, the outside of the room can choose heat-absorbing coated glass, indoor side selection of ordinary white glass. Since the endothermic glass absorbs infrared light, it can attenuate the solar energy by 20% to 30%, thereby reducing the heat entering the room. In the summer, it can reduce the air conditioning load. In the winter, the temperature increases due to the absorption of infrared light Able to resist the cold, can also achieve energy saving effect. Because the heat-absorbing glass is the color glass, so in the energy at the same time, the decorative effect is also very obvious.

3, insulating glass more energy efficient

Since the sealed intermediate air layer has a much lower thermal conductivity than glass, the insulation performance of the insulating glass can be doubled compared to that of monolithic glass, and the power consumption of the air-conditioned building can be drastically reduced. Summer can be more than 70% insulation, the winter is to keep the indoor heating is not easy to lose, reduce the heat loss of up to 40%, play the role of insulation, which will be cool summer and winter into reality.

Winter, monolithic glass due to the relationship between indoor and outdoor temperature difference in the glass surface easily lead to condensation, hollow glass thermal resistance larger, the indoor side of the glass in the high temperature environment is not easy to cool, it is not easy to condensation, And its seal, the air moisture is absorbed by the desiccant, it will not appear in the compartment dew, the glass surface can always remain flat, clear.

4, special multi-layer composite insulating glass to increase the safety factor

As a result of wire in the middle of the wire or wire mesh to do support the skeleton, with a certain security fire function, mainly used in mosaic in the fire doors, windows, partitions and other places need to fire, shock.