How can the doors and windows choose better anti-noise?

- Jul 27, 2017-

Sound insulation windows than ordinary doors and windows from the selection to the process are different, high noise sound insulation windows used glass, sealing materials, profiles are repeated after repeated tests and testing to shape, the manufacturer should have the production of sound insulation window technology And engineering performance, if necessary, to visit each other's engineering sample.

In order to make your living environment through the replacement of the sound insulation window has a significant effect, although the road but the road grade is different, urban and suburban road traffic noise is very different, such as the four ring road outside the choice of sound insulation window to consider large truck noise Of the pollution, after repeated tests to solve this noise noise window low frequency sound insulation is not less than 29dB. So the glass structure of the noise window should not be a single mode, but according to the frequency characteristics of different noise source design noise window. To ensure that the noise floor sound insulation performance to achieve the requirements.

1, doors and windows purchase is suitable

Now most of the home furnishings commonly used aluminum doors and windows, a wide range of aluminum doors and windows on the market, good and bad. Most people do not have in-depth study of doors and windows, attention to the appearance of more than its performance, the selection is not careful and careful, to the subsequent use of a lot of problems. In fact, the selection of aluminum doors and windows is a learning, from the aluminum frame, glass windows to accessories, need to understand clearly. The choice of aluminum alloy door frame is to understand the reputation of the manufacturer of doors and windows, the reputation of the product, because the quality of aluminum will directly affect the noise performance of doors and windows.

In the choice of accessories, to choose a good quality sound insulation strips, a variety of types of sound insulation on the market, the public in the purchase of doors and windows should understand the sound insulation performance and its durability. The focus is the choice of the glass window, the glass windows from the market to more than one hundred to more than one thousand have more than a hundred windows, of course, no effect of sound insulation, nor is the more expensive the better. People want good sound insulation, the best combination of the actual situation, such as living in the floor of the public can choose hollow glass or laminated glass; if the floor is low, often noise interference, you can choose the best sound insulation Glass or composite three-layer soundproof glass.

2, doors and windows and accessories aging

There are many people complain that their home installation for five years or ten years of doors and windows, sound effects as before. Most people in the use of aluminum doors and windows in the process, do not pay attention to the maintenance of doors and windows, some accessories aging, and did not find timely replacement, so it led to the above problems. As long as we regularly check the doors and windows accessories, the replacement of the aging parts, while focusing on the usual maintenance, you can extend the service life of accessories to solve the problem of noise reduction.