Little knowledge about glass

- Jul 27, 2017-

It is said that the glass is an ancient Phoenician businessman accidentally discovered. The Phoenician merchant fleet carrying the trona was unable to move on the voyage and had to break down on the beach overnight. They used the lumps as a stone, built a stove, and burned the fire. When the calm, they clean up the stove, ready to sail, suddenly found on the beach there are some glittering pearl-like things, this is the first glass.

This ancient legend tells us that the glass is made of sand by the main raw material melting. The chemical composition of sand is silica. The melting point of silica is very high, adding soda ash (sodium carbonate) can greatly reduce the melting temperature, so that the melt flow easily. However, this way out of the glass like a paste, can be dissolved in the water, we call it water glass, is sodium silicate.

Add limestone, water glass "eat" calcium, melting and water flow like glass after cooling into our common glass. In the tomb unearthed in the ancient Egyptian Han She Su's practice --- string of green glass beads, is four thousand years ago, the earliest human history of glass products, gold and silver jewelry was more precious than na! But then the melting temperature is not high, glass beads is not very transparent. Glass in a very long period of time, has been the royal family hall of furnishings and works of art, has now become a very common life supplies and building materials. A wide variety of utensils and instruments made of glass are cheap and very popular. When the house is built, the glass doors and windows are made in the world. The lobby of the World Exposition in Paris, France is made of reinforced mezzanine, and the lighting is very good, known as the "Sunshine Building". Ordinary glazing, oil bottles, bottles and so on with a touch of green, which is the manufacture of glass containing raw materials containing divalent iron ion impurities brought green. Some bottles, beer bottles, soy sauce bottles are brown, this is still caused by iron impurities, but not the divalent iron ions, but the trivalent iron ions.