Not all of the glass is heat resistant

- Jul 27, 2017-

Heat shock resistance is the basic index of heat-resistant glassware, because most of the heat-resistant glass is borosilicate glass series, borosilicate glass thermal expansion coefficient is small, with good high temperature and temperature quenching and rapid change characteristics. The failure of the project is generally due to the existence of glass material, heat-resistant glass products, good thermal stability, high temperature and high heat resistance and high production costs, the manufacturing cost of ordinary glass than 2 to 3 times higher. Failure to do so may result in harm to the user.

Temperature and temperature performance and debris status of these two indicators of glassware is a very important safety indicators. Heat-resistant stagnation of poor product performance will be due to sudden changes in the tempered glassware produced a burst, easily lead to human injury. These two indicators failed mainly because the steel is not completely or basically no steel due. The spot checks in the two failed products is basically no steel, the ordinary glass products as a glass products to sell, there is a suspicion of deceiving consumers.

The water resistance of the inner surface is a safety index. The project embodies the physical and chemical properties of the glass. The products with poor water resistance on the inner surface are easy to precipitate alkali metal ions and affect the quality of the food. The failure of the project is generally due to the existence of glass material problems, heat-resistant glass products, chemical stability is good, only the use of poor glass raw materials will produce such failure.

Shanghai Quality Supervision Bureau to remind consumers to buy should pay attention to the current national and industry standards, glassware according to different manufacturing processes are divided into ordinary glassware, heat-resistant glassware and tempered glassware, the applicable standards are not the same , Heat-resistant glassware for GB 17762 "heat-resistant glassware safety and health requirements", tempered glassware for QB / T4064 "glassware for cooking." Consumers in the purchase of different glassware, pay attention to observe the implementation of product labeling standards.

Different glassware has different characteristics, tempered glass impact resistance is better, but not heat, generally can not be used for open flames, in Japan and other countries have clearly stipulated that tempered glass can not be used for microwave ovens and ovens; heat-resistant glass has a good High temperature and temperature resistance to the characteristics of rapid change, suitable for use as a kitchen in the food processing containers can be directly into the microwave and oven use. Consumers can choose according to their own needs glassware, tempered glassware packaging marked with standard on the logo map, which has "tempered glassware" and "TEMPERED" words. At present, the concept of "heat-resistant glass tableware cooking utensils" is still not clear, our regulations do not require businesses to mark on the goods, so in the purchase of heat-resistant glassware, pay attention to the product of the product material, the use of environmental and safety Matters and so on. Heat-resistant glass products manufacturing costs relative to other products to high, consumers in the purchase if the nominal heat-resistant glass, but the price is very low, to consider its authenticity.