Glass Processing Industry Requirements For Raw Materials

- Jul 27, 2017-

Glass raw materials processing industry on the requirements of raw materials have strict quality requirements, easy processing, low cost, can be a large number of supply, less use of light and human health, harmful materials, the erosion of refractories to small and so on. Requirements are as follows:

First, the quality requirements of raw materials

The quality requirements of raw materials include the chemical composition of raw materials, mineral composition and particle composition and other indicators. First of all, the main chemical composition of the raw material impurities must be in the control of the scope of harmful impurities, especially the milling content must be within the specified range. Followed by the mineral composition of raw materials and particle composition must meet the requirements, colored and refractory mineral content is low. Once again the quality of raw materials to be stable, chemical composition of small fluctuations, reserves should be rich.

Second, easy processing

The processing performance of raw materials related to the choice of processing equipment and Mo Shun, the amount of iron and the amount of glass, the quality of the cost level. According to Chongqing Yongzhou glass processing introduced to the selection of easy processing of raw materials, not only can reduce equipment investment, and can reduce production costs. Such as quartz sand and sandstone, if the quality of quartz sand is not required to use sandstone. Because the quartz sand as long as the screening and selection can be applied, and sandstone to go through the calcined crushing and other processing process using sandstone, the processing equipment investment and production costs are relatively high, so the conditions permit, should Try to use quartz sand.

Some limestone and dolomite with Si02 more, hardness, increased processing costs, should try to use less hardness of the limestone and dolomite. White and soft, easy to crush, such as the use of white Yan, do not use limestone.

Third, the cost is low, can be a large supply

In the case does not affect the quality requirements of the glass, should be used as far as possible easy to mining, transport conditions, from the plant near the low-cost raw materials, as far as possible selection of natural mineral raw materials, and no election or less chemical raw materials, where possible, The use of cheap mineral processing tailings and recovery of broken glass and other industrial waste. Such as glass cans in the manufacture of dark bottles, you can use the nearest iron content of more quartz sand. According to Chongqing Yongzhou glass processing to another example, such as the manufacture of green glass bottles can be used when the chrome slag as a coloring agent, as a large industrial production, to consider the long-term supply of raw materials and reliability, generally large enterprises have more than 100 years of mining reserves the amount.

Fourth, less use of light and human health, the environment harmful raw materials

Lightweight materials easy to fly, easy to layer, if you can use heavy soda ash, do not use light soda ash. And then try not to use the precipitation of light magnesium carbonate, calcium carbonate and so on.

Harmful to the human body from the arsenic should be used with little or no, commonly used in an antimony trioxide, cerium substitute or common use of lead compounds and other harmful raw materials should pay attention to labor protection and regular inspection of the body. As people's awareness of environmental protection and sustainable development policies in depth, try not to use or reduce the use of environmentally harmful raw materials, such as fluorine or lead containing raw materials.