How Does The Glass Work?

- Jul 27, 2017-

Processing process

1, the original film selection: First of all, do the glass processing of the original glass, the original glass processing plant is not the original production, and only large glass companies to produce the original film, such as Xinyi glass, CSG so Of the big companies before production. The thickness of the original glass is not the same, if the production of glass is generally the use of display 1mm, 2mm, 3mm between the thickness of the digital products because of the relatively high light transmission requirements, it will choose ultra-white glass.

2, the size of the glass cutting: the size of the original film itself is very large, generally more than three meters long, more than two meters wide. Cutting can be said that the first step in glass processing, the staff will be based on the size of the customer drawings to calculate how to cut this piece of the original film. This algorithm must take into account the size of the glass behind the side. So there is tolerance of this argument.

3, glass edging chamfer: just cut the glass is scratching the glass side of the glass will be very sharp, the customer will require edging, but the edge of the grinding edge with the edge of the edge, installed in the box Fog edge on the line, this can also reduce costs, polished side of the glass is a high degree of beauty of the customer requirements. After the edging is chamfering, chamfering also have the experts of the chamfering machine, through the chamfering function of the precise pour out the desired R angle.

4, steel: steel sub-physical steel with chemical steel, we talk about the physical steel here, the physical steel is the glass inside the tempered furnace heated to a certain extent, and then cooled to the glass after the hardness increased. Customers will require glass steel, so that security. Tempered glass is also known as safety glass.

5, silk screen: some glass will go through this step, because customers want to print some patterns in the glass, the company logo and so on. Silk screen also has high temperature silk screen with low temperature silk screen, high temperature silk screen will be in the steel step before. Silk screen room to be relatively clean. This ink will not be mixed into the magazine. Silk screen out of the effect will be better.

6, cleaning test packaging: the last glass to be detected by the inspectors can pass, the problem of glass will be selected, and some void, and some can no longer owe processing. Good glass through the film machine film, and then kraft paper packaging.