How To Keep Doors And Windows

- Jul 27, 2017-

First, do all the parts of the inspection and repair

Always check the connection of the aluminum alloy frame, tighten the bolts in time, replace the damaged parts. Positioning pin, wind support, to spring and other aluminum doors and windows of the vulnerable parts, to always check, regularly add lubricants to keep clean and flexible. Seal the top and the glass seal is to ensure that doors and windows sealed insulation of the key structure, if the fall to timely repair, replacement. Often check the aluminum alloy wall joints, if loose easily make the frame as a whole deformation, so that doors and windows can not be closed, sealed. So the connection of the screw loosening should be immediately tightened, such as screw feet loose, the application of epoxy strong glue to adjust a small amount of cement seal.

Second, usually more clean

Clean aluminum doors and windows, people do not step on the aluminum frame, do not pull the box for support. Track clogging and doors and windows rust is the impact of rain and water resistance factors. Therefore, in daily maintenance, we must pay attention to regular track on the track to ensure that no particles and dust blocking; followed by a soft cloth stained with water or neutral detergent cleaning to prevent the surface rust. After the rain, should immediately wipe the wet glass and window frames, with particular attention to wipe the chute water. Chute with a long time, increased friction, can add a little oil or coated with a layer of wax oil.

Third, the use of doors and windows precautions

The use of skills is also an important part of the maintenance of doors and windows. Doors and windows to use the attention of several points: aluminum doors and windows in use, the action should be light, push and pull its natural; found difficult not hard pull hard push, should first rule out the fault. When the window opened the window in the lower part of the window, so as to improve the life of the sash; followed by flat windows should not push the glass, or easy to let the glass loose; the final track window frame to avoid being bruised, otherwise the window frame and track deformation Rain capacity.