Insulated Aluminum Doors And Windows Advantages

- Jul 27, 2017-

1. Aluminum doors and windows insulation good insulation. The use of insulation materials inside and outside the box with a soft combination of the border with a strip of plastic, double top of the three sealed form, close tight, airtight, watertight performance particularly good, excellent insulation properties; sash with hollow glass structure, the windows really show sound , Heat insulation, insulation, excellent function, save a lot of heating and cooling costs, heat transfer coefficient K value detected by 2.23-2.94w / 2K the following, energy-saving effect is significant, a few years of energy-saving costs enough to make up for the previous investment.

2. Aluminum doors and windows waterproof function. The use of pressure balance principle design has a structural drainage system, the slide design slope step, set the drain, drainage is smooth, good watertight.

3. broken bridge aluminum doors and windows anti-condensation, frost. Broken bridge aluminum can be realized three doors and windows sealed structure, a reasonable separation of water vapor chamber, the successful realization of gas and water pressure balance, significantly improve the doors and windows of the watertight and air tightness, to achieve the effect of bright window.

4. Aluminum doors and windows anti-mosquito screens design. Stealth screens, can choose to install inside and outside, with anti-mosquito, flies, especially for the northern mosquito area.

5. Aluminum doors and windows anti-theft, anti-loose device. Coupled with a unique multi-point hardware locks, to ensure the use of windows in the solid and safe.

6. Aluminum doors and windows noise protection. Its structure has been carefully designed, seams tight, the test results, the air insulation to reach sound insulation 30 - 40db, to ensure that the residents on both sides of the highway 50 meters from the noise interference, adjacent to the downtown can also ensure that the indoor quiet and warm.

7. Aluminum doors and windows fire function. Aluminum alloy for the metal material, will not burn.

8. Aluminum doors and windows. Windproof sand, wind pressure. Inside the box with a hollow design, wind pressure deformation ability, anti-vibration effect is good. Can be used for high-rise buildings and civilian residential, can be designed large area window, lighting area; this window is more air-tight than any aluminum, plastic windows are good, to ensure that the sandstorm area of the indoor windowsill and floor without dust.

9. Aluminum doors and windows of high strength unchanged, maintenance-free. Broken aluminum frame tensile and shear strength and resistance to thermal deformation of high strength, durable and durable bridge aluminum is not susceptible to acid and alkali erosion, not yellowing fade, almost no maintenance.