The General Principles Of Safety Glass Use

- Jul 27, 2017-

First of all, the designer should recognize the different characteristics of the safety glass, according to the size of the glass layout, the impact of broken after the occurrence of secondary disasters, whether there are other functional requirements and other factors to choose the most appropriate safety glass varieties.

Second, the safety glass application of different sites and parts to bear a different load, the corresponding load should be carried out under the glass strength and stiffness calculation, such as in the use of the building, the glass curtain wall according to "glass curtain wall engineering technical specifications" JGJ 102 The JGJ 113 is designed to meet the design requirements, and the design of the glass of the other building parts is designed to meet the design requirements. Glass stiffness and strength of a non-compliance requirements, the glass can not be used at the same time should be combined with the use of different focus, sound insulation performance design, thermal insulation design, security design, fire design calculations.

It is noteworthy that the higher the safety, the more functional, and therefore the higher the cost of the glass is a good glass. The right way to choose the glass is: safety and functionality to meet the design requirements, while its cost as low as possible, good economy, is a scientific and reasonable choice.

In addition, the reliability of safety glass must be considered. Safety glass in the use of the process often accidents, such as automatic burst, strength and performance with the use of time and so on, therefore, the world of safety glass and the reliability of the state of service under the strength of the attenuation are very important Safety glass strength design, reliability and stability analysis, the residual strength of the on-line testing carried out a lot of research work. Such as the United States DuPont, Solutia Corporation and the Japanese water company, respectively, in the study of the cavity at the same time the study of laminated glass reliability. DuPont recently developed a new high-strength film, the purpose is to improve the adhesive strength of the film, thereby improving the overall reliability of laminated glass.

In short, with the improvement of people's living standards, security issues more and more people get more attention, eliminate or reduce hidden dangers, strengthen prevention become an inevitable trend. According to the Chongqing glass processing industry, it is only in the joint efforts of researchers, producers, designers, users and government departments to make the safety glass truly safe.