Single Panel PVC Casement Window

Single Panel PVC Casement Window

1.PVC sliding window Style-sliding windows Profile- 2.5mm thickness with 3,4,5 chamber Profile color -white and other colors are available,double color coextrusion profile Steel- 0.8mm-1.2mm stainless steel put into pvc profiles Glass -5mm, 6mm, 5mm+6A+5mm,6mm+9A+6mm,6mm+12A+6mm Options:...

Product Details

Single Panel PVC Casement Window


Made in China Professional Casement PVC Window 

1.Flexible casement glass window 
2.double glass window casement window

Product description

Certificate :CE/ ISO 90001certificate
Opening style :Sliding, casement, turn-tilt, tilt-sliding, single-hung, double-hung, etc.
Specification(Size, color, etc.) :Different countries have different demands for it;Special shaped windows also can produce. You can design the windows by yourself.
PVC/UPVC profile :HuaZhiJie,Conch*Kinpeng*Rehau*Dimex*Koemmerling*Veka which has three-chamber and five-chamber;Huapeng Aluminum-Plastic co-extrusion  
Glass :Single, double, tripled glass; double glass with grids Low-E glass, Tempered glass, floated glass, reflective glass, OBS glass, etc.
Thickness :3mm 4mm, 5mm,6mm,8mm; Space: 6mm,9mm,12mm,15mm, etc.
Reinforcement steel :U form galvanized steel:, 1.5mm
Seal :Rubber sealing strip: Domestic high quality black rubber
Hardware :High quality Chinese hardware, Guoqiang (Multi-point lock and handle) , G-U or ROTO also can be used

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