American PVC double glazing style single hung window

Product description :

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Product description :

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Profile :

  1. Chinese Top Trademark Zhongcai, The mix tropical profile,High anti UV, The wall thickness is 2.50 mm.

  2. German Veka and Rehau.The wall thickness is 2.80 mm.

  3. Series:88Sereis/95 Sereis /108 Sereis


1.Chinese Top Trademark-Kinlong, Guoqiang,etc.
2.German Trademark-ROTO, Siegenia Aubi

3.Customized by our customers

1. Aesthetic Appearance
2. High Thermal Values and Low U Value
3. Good Performance On Water and Air Tightness
4. Resisting Moisture, Pollutants and Ultraviolet Light
from the sun.
5. Dust resistance and Easy Maintenance


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