Pvc Frame Double Glazed Door

Pvc Frame Double Glazed Door

pvc double glazed casement door,can do inward open door and outward open door

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the pvc frame door have good performance in keeping warm and price is very competitive than aluminum door,now more and more people choose pvc door.

I. What are plastic steel doors and windows?

Plastic steel doors and windows are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin as the main raw steel, together with a certain proportion of stabilizers, colorants, fillers, ultraviolet absorbents, etc., through extrusion molding, and then through cutting, welding or screw joints to make doors and windows frame fans, equipped with sealant, wool, hardware, etc., at the same time to enhance the rigidity of the profile, more than a certain length of the profile cavity needs. Steel lining (reinforcing bar) is to be filled. The doors and windows made by this way are called plastic steel doors and windows.

At present, there are many kinds of plastic-steel doors and windows, which are classified according to the opening mode: flat-open windows, flat-open doors, push-pull windows, push-pull doors, fixed windows, revolving windows, etc.

According to the structure classification: single glass, double glass doors and windows.

Classified by color: monochrome (white or color), bichrome (co-extrusion, film coating or spraying).

2. Performance and Characteristics of Plastic Steel Doors and Windows

1. Thermal insulation and energy saving

The multi-cavity structure of plastic-steel profiles has good thermal insulation performance and very low heat transfer coefficient, which is only 1/4.5 of steel lining and 1/8 of aluminium. Its economic and social benefits are enormous.

2. Air tightness

Plastic steel doors and windows are installed with rubber and plastic sealing strips and strips in all cracks, so their air tightness is much higher than that of aluminum alloy doors and windows. The air tightness of plastics steel flat window is higher than that of push-pull window. Generally, the air tightness of flat window can reach four levels and push-pull window can reach three levels.

3. Water tightness

Because of the unique multi-cavity structure of plastic steel profiles, they all have independent drainage chambers, and the accumulated water of both frames and fans can be effectively discharged. The water tightness of plastics steel flat window is much higher than that of push-pull window. Generally, the water tightness of flat window can reach five levels, and push-pull window can reach three to four levels.

4. Wind Pressure Resistance

In the independent plastic-steel cavity, 1.2-3 mm thick steel lining can be filled. The thickness of reinforcement bars and the series of profiles can be selected according to the local wind pressure value, the height of the building, the size of the opening and the window design, so as to ensure the requirements of the building for doors and windows. Generally high-rise buildings can choose large cross-section push-pull window or inner flat window. Wind compressive strength can reach more than six degrees. Low-rise buildings can choose outer open window or small cross-section push-pull window. Wind compressive strength is generally in three levels.

5. Sound insulation

Plastic steel profile itself has good sound insulation effect, such as double glass structure, which has better sound insulation effect. It is especially suitable for places with serious noise interference in downtown areas, such as hospitals, schools, hotels, office buildings, etc.

6. Corrosion resistance

Plastic steel profiles have unique formula and good corrosion resistance, so the corrosion resistance of plastic steel doors and windows mainly depends on the choice of hardware, such as anti-corrosion hardware, stainless steel, whose service life is about 10 times that of steel windows.

7. Weatherability

Plastic steel profiles adopt unique formula to improve their cold resistance. Plastic steel doors and windows can be used in the environment with large temperature difference for a long time (-50 ~70 C). No deterioration, aging and embrittlement will occur in hot sun and humidity. The earliest plastic steel doors and windows have been used for 30 years, and their materials are as good as before. According to this calculation, the service life of plastic steel doors and windows under normal conditions can reach more than 50 years.

8. Fireproof

Plastic steel doors and windows are non-flammable, non-combustion-supporting, self-extinguishing, safe and reliable. The oxygen index tested by Liaoning Fire Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Station is 42.3, which meets the requirements of GB8814-1988 "U-PVC Profiles for Doors and Window Frames" that the oxygen index is not less than 38 degrees.

9. Insulation

Plastic steel profiles used in plastic steel doors and windows are excellent electrical insulating steel, non-conductive and high safety factor.

10. High dimensional accuracy, no distortion of finished products

Plastic steel profile has uniform lattice quality and smooth surface, without special surface treatment, easy processing and cutting. After welding, the length, width and diagonal tolerance of the finished product can be controlled within 2 mm. The processing accuracy is high, the welding angle strength can reach more than 3000N. At the same time, the welding spot can be removed by clearing the angle, and the welding surface of the profile is smooth and beautiful.

11. Easy to protect

Plastic steel doors and windows are not corroded, will not turn yellow and fade, will not be affected by ash, cement and adhesives, almost no maintenance, dirty, you can use any cleaning agent, clean white as before.

12. Anti-theft

Plastic-steel doors and windows are facing the interior, glass damage is easy to replace, plastic-steel profiles have high strength, toughness, not easy to destroy, and good anti-theft.

13. Moderate price: Compared with aluminium windows, wood windows and steel windows with the same performance, the plastic-steel door and window Huge is more economical and affordable.

Plastic steel doors and windows have excellent physical properties. They can be widely used in windy, rainy, hot, cold and corrosive gases and other places. They are ideal and reliable building doors and windows.

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